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_MD Series

Main features

  - Digital torque and angle program in 15 preset numbers and 2 multi step sequence programs

  - 15 Models managing variable presets with counting no. and I/O in sequential 10 steps

  - Color LCD touch screen with easy control

  - Auto speed setting by torque

  - Monitoring fastening quality and count of screw numbers

  - Error information by code display

  - Easy parameter setting and monitoring by ParaMON (PC software)

  - Real time torque data and curve display

  - Real time fastening data output

  - Modbus protocol

  - RS232C, Ethernet communication port


Series Features

  - Swiss made DC servo motor used

  - ESD free by body grounding

  - Torque repeatability 3%

  - Long life time over 5 million cycle

  - Inside memory chip for tool data

  - Automation system applicablery

  - 4.3” Color LCD with touch screen

  - Inside SD memory card (Data auto saving)- Option

Screw Driver